Exciting CNC technology

CNC chamfering
and pressing

for sheet metal parts so that every angle is right from the start

CNC chamfering & press-inserting
sheet metal parts

After laser cutting or punching, the sheet metal parts are formed on CNC-controlled chamfering presses and diverse modern presses.

CNC chamfers

The key of efficient chamfering is not only the mature machine technology and smart tooling system but rather the sensor technology and our employees’ many years of experience. The ACB (Automatically Controlled Bending) sensor developed by TRUMPF and used by us accomplishes both: Measuring and regulating in the process.

Work-intensive phases to break in bending programs are things of the past now. Each angle is right from the very start. The system regulates the change of the spring-back angle caused by various materials and material properties autonomously and automatically.

A lot of people talk about sheet metal. We process it.

A combination of punching and laser cutting facilitates the benefits of a laser-cut outer contour on complex parts. We guarantee a precise, reliability and high-quality finish of all parts.

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