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Our machinery outfit comprises the latest equipment

Lasering, punching
and cutting

  • 1x Trumpf - TruLaser 5030 “classic“
    Laser cutting system

    (large format: 1.500x3.000mm)

  • 1x Trumpf - TruLaser 3530
    Laser cutting system

    (large format: 1.500x3.000mm)

  • 1x Trumpf - TruLaser 5040 “fiber“
    8KW laser machine

    (special format: 2.000x4.000mm)

  • 1x Trumpf - TruLaser 5030 “fiber“
    6KW laser machine

    (format: 1.500x3.000mm)

  • 3x Trumpf - Trumatic TC6000
    Combined punching and laser machine

    (medium format: 1.250x2.500mm)

  • 1x Trumpf - Trumatic TC200
    Punching machine

    (medium format: 1.250x2.500mm)

  • 2x Flow T11 -
    Waterjet cutting system

    (extra large format: 3.000x4.000mm)

  • 1x ESAB SUPRA REX8000
    Combined autogenous/plasma cutting system

    (table size 8.000 x 15.000mm, 2 plasma cutting heads up to 40mm. 4 autogenous burners up to 200mm)

processing centres
Chamfering machines
Laser, cutting and punching machines

Chamfering machines

  • 1x Trumpf - TruBend 7036 chamfering machine
  • 3x Trumpf - Truma-Bend V50 chamfering machine
  • 1x Trumpf - TruBend 5320 (up to 4.000mm / 320 tonnes)
  • 1x Trumpf - Truma-Bend SX800 chamfering machine (bis 2.800mm)
  • 2x Trumpf - Truma-Bend V850S chamfering press
  • 1x Trumpf - Truma-Bend 5050 chamfering machine
  • 1x Amada - CNC chamfering press HFE-M2-5012-4 (chamfering length: 1.250mm)
  • 1x Amada - Typ HFE-3i-5020 mit FANUC -Roboter Automation
  • 1x LVD Easy Form - 320/30 (320 Tonnen)

CNC processing

Welding systems & press-insertion machines

  • 1x CNC stud welding machine

  • 1x Welding robot – type: Severt

  • xx Various welding/point-welding stations
    Capacity up to 20 stations
  • 1x Häger MSPe 618
    Press-insertion machine - Fastener Insertion System
  • 1x KVT PEM Serter Series2000
    Press-insertion machine
  • 1x Various presses
    up to 80 t

Grinding and deburring machines

CNC universal turning machine